Soft Serve Powder

Nova Vanilla is the new kid on the block. With an economic blend of Dairy- and Vegetable fat, Nova Vanilla has a clean taste, not too milky, and is widely preferred in the Asian market. Best of all, it is 98% Fat-Free.

Classic Vanilla is Frosty Boy Australia’s flag-ship product. Originally developed in the 1970, Classic Vanilla is a favourite. Rich, creamy vanilla and a full body make this product a classic.

Monalisa is based at 29-31 Andrew Baxter Drive  in Airport Oaks, Auckland where a prospective customer can trial the machines and sample unique yoghurt taste profiles. Monalisa New Zealand offers a full range of products, frozen yoghurt, soft serve and other ready to use powder blends, equipment, packaging and accessories required to operate a Frozen Yoghurt or Ice cream store or as an exciting addition for cafes, restaurants and hotels.

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