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As a Frozen Yoghurt supplier, We provide only the best frozen yoghurt machines. Click on the link below to view our current range.

Our soft serve powder products include the rich and creamy classic vanilla and 96% Fat-Free.

Monalisa is a true Italian-style Low Fat Frozen Yoghurt, rich, creamy and tart, specially designed for use in a Soft-Serve machine.

Nova Yoghurt - Export orders only

Frozen Yoghurt with an economic blend of Dairy and Vegetable fat, it has a clean, smooth Yoghurt-taste, with a hint of acid and a lot of aroma.

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Art Of Blend Powders 

Our range of premium powdered bases for both hot and cold drinks. Blend your own creations and create a gourmet beverage offer.

Yo D'Lite - Export orders only

A Frozen Yoghurt base with a milky, full-bodied Yoghurt-taste. It contains a blend of four strains of live probiotic cultures. YoD'Lite is 97% Fat-Free

Our latest product - for the vegans. Does not contain dairy, vegan friendly - mix with any plant based milk 

Monalisa provides more than 40 + varieties of flavours to create a delectable range of frozen yoghurt including premium flavour syrups.

Used as one of the best high quality toppings in frozen yoghurt.  Click on the link below to view our extensive range of flavours.

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Your one stop shop for all bubble tea requirements. Variety of flavours available for milk tea including pearls, powders and packaging

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