Premium Flavouring Syrup


Our Monalisa premium flavouring syrups are easy to use as the ratio is 1 bottle to a bag of mix. They contain only natural flavours and colours. This new line was developed to appeal to customers that strive to offer healthier, high quality products to their clientele.


Monalisa premium syrups are packed with nutritional and operational advantages. Each syrup contains natural flavours and natural colours while most of them contain fruit concentrate (except caramel).


From an operational perspective, Monalisa premium fruit syrups are easier to use as the ratio is 1 bottle of 500 ml to 1 bag of soft serve / frozen yoghurt. Easy! No calculations or pre-measuring required!




Add to bases when mixing for a delicious fruity flavour. Sizes: 500mL bottles (12 x 500mL bottles per carton). Shelf life: 9 months from date of manufacture.



  • Mango

  • Strawberry

Monalisa is based at 29-31 Andrew Baxter Drive  in Airport Oaks, Auckland where a prospective customer can trial the machines and sample unique yoghurt taste profiles. Monalisa New Zealand offers a full range of products, frozen yoghurt, soft serve and other ready to use powder blends, equipment, packaging and accessories required to operate a Frozen Yoghurt or Ice cream store or as an exciting addition for cafes, restaurants and hotels.

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