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Monalisa Frozen yoghurt is now available at Subway, 388 B New North Road, Kingsland. 

Popping BOBA


Popping Boba(Fruit ball)

One of the best high quality toppings in frozen yoghurt.



  • Mango popping boba ( fruit ball)

  • Strawberry  popping boba ( fruit ball)

  • Passion popping boba ( fruit ball)

  • Lychee popping boba ( fruit ball)

  • Orange popping boba ( fruit ball)  

  • Yogurt popping boba ( fruit ball)  

  • Cherry popping boba ( fruit ball)

  • Blueberry popping boba ( fruit ball)

  • Kiwi popping boba ( fruit ball)

  • Pomegranate  popping boba ( fruit ball)

  • Green apple popping boba ( fruit ball)

  • Peach popping boba ( fruit ball)

New flavours for this week

Are Strawberry and Melon and Original


  Q. How do you make a strawberry shake?


  A. Put it in the freezer.

Pros and Cons of 'Over the counter' Frozen Yoghurt stores

When you visit an over the counter yoghurt store, you never do the serving yourself. Instead, you order the flavor and the size of the yoghurt you need. There are three or four dispensers behind the counter and the employees will dispense the portions you have ordered for. When it comes to payment the customers pay a predetermined price for the purchases they make in this type of store.


There are advantages and disadvantages of this traditional method of selling frozen yoghurt in these over-the-counter yoghurt stores. There are advantages enjoyed by the sellers in this case as they will need fewer machines and their wear and tear is also going to be less than with self-serve stores. One of the disadvantages for the owners is the lower average on the value of portions sold.


Those who purchase yoghurt in an over-the-counter yoghurt store, face the disadvantage of being difficult to customize the yoghurt they buy because they are compelled to accept what the employees dispense. However, you will spend less as you never purchase too much of product due to deception of the size of the cup you will experience in self-serve stores.


Due to the inconsistency of dispensing the cups of frozen yoghurt by employees, the portions you get as a customer may not be uniform in size. Also, sometimes the toppings are sold separately jacking up the price of the dessert. Since you need to purchase your dessert in the sizes offered by the store it might become necessary for you to spend more when you visit a traditional frozen yoghurt store of this type with your family. However, you do less work as you are served with a cup though over the counter.


If you are running an over-the-counter yoghurt store, you need fewer machines and you will use them for a longer period of time but you need more workers to run the store. There will be less spillage of product and your wastage will be very much less. Also, you never need to provide any free samples to customers and save a lot that way also.

Here are some examples of over-the-counter frozen yoghurt stores in Australia,


Nutrition Station



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Monalisa is based at 29-31 Andrew Baxter Drive  in Airport Oaks, Auckland where a prospective customer can trial the machines and sample unique yoghurt taste profiles. Monalisa New Zealand offers a full range of products, frozen yoghurt, soft serve and other ready to use powder blends, equipment, packaging and accessories required to operate a Frozen Yoghurt or Ice cream store or as an exciting addition for cafes, restaurants and hotels.

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