Monalisa Premium Frozen Yoghurt

Monalisa is a true Italian-style Low Fat Frozen Yoghurt, rich, creamy and sweet or tart, specially designed for use in a Soft-Serve machine.


It is easily reconstituted by simply pouring the powder into drinking water, stirring it and waiting for 10 minutes.  It's that easy. 

Monalisa is also available in 3 taste profiles - Mild, Lite & LF.

Made using only the highest quality ingredients, Monalisa is truly "il gusto bellissimo" - The beautiful taste.

Our Blends



With its creamy texture and perfectly balanced citrus flavour, Monalisa mild offers a refreshing taste without compromising the genuine yoghurt after taste. Its qualities make it the perfect base for creamy and sweet flavourings such as vanilla, coffee, chocolate, caramel and more.


97% fat free and containing 25% less sugar*, this sugar-reduced variety is the ideal choice for health-conscious customers looking for a healthy yet delicious treat. Monalisa Lite is sweetened with a natural sweetener, Thaumatin, making it low in calories, at just 85** calories per serve. Monalisa Lite has a creamy texture with a refreshing after taste. It brings all the goodness while putting a smile on your customer’s face.

With its well-balanced flavour profile, Monalisa Lite is an excellent product to be served plain or as a base for both sweet and fruity flavourings.

*when compared to our Monalisa LF         **70g serve reconstituted as per mixing instructions


A truly delicious low fat frozen yoghurt which is rich, creamy and tarty. Perfect served plain or as a base for fruit flavoured frozen yoghurt.

Monalisa is based at 46 A Stanley Street in Parnell, Auckland where a prospective customer can trial the machines and sample unique yoghurt taste profiles. Monalisa New Zealand offers a full range of products, frozen yoghurt, soft serve and other ready to use powder blends, equipment, packaging and accessories required to operate a Frozen Yoghurt or Ice cream store or as an exciting addition for cafes, restaurants and hotels.

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