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About Us

Monalisa - Premium dessert and beverage innovative product range.

NZ Food Supplies are a leading distributor of a range of powdered bases including soft serve, frozen yoghurt, sorbet and beverages.

We offer a full range of products, frozen yoghurt equipment and accessories required to operate a Soft Serve / Frozen Yoghurt store.  Monalisa's premium products are manufactured by Frosty Boy Australia, which exports to over 38 countries around the world and are leaders in value added dairy produce.

Frosty Boy Australia has been an Australian icon since 1976, well recognised throughout the soft serve industry both globally and within Australia. Frosty Boy has access to high quality ingredients and only uses credible suppliers with strict food safety accreditations.  With outstanding quality and strong customer loyalty, Frosty Boy Australia products are a proven way to build store traffic and increase store turnover. 


Certification and Accreditations:
As a manufacturer for both the domestic and the international market, Frosty Boy Australia is inspected and approved by both federal and state agencies, as well as Independent accreditation bodies and large international franchise chains.  All of Frosty Boy Australia’s products are manufactured in Yatala, Brisbane and are certified HALAL by the Islamic Council of Western Australia and the Queensland Halal Certification Services.

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