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Monalisa Classic Soft Serve

Product Code D001.01.MLA


Classic Vanilla is our flag-ship product. Originally developed in the 1970, this premium soft serve powder is a favourite. Rich, creamy vanilla and a full body make it a classic, just like it's name ! Suitable for both gravity- and pump-machines it has a wide range of applications from Soft-Serve to milk- and thick-shakes.


Classic Vanilla is ideal for Cones, Cups and Sundaes. Decorate with crushed nuts, multi-coloured sprinkles or one of our your own topping sauces. Classic Vanilla is an ideal base for milk shakes and thick shakes.


Classic Vanilla can also be combined with our Chocolate Flavour Sachet to make an excellent Chocolate Soft-Serve or flavoured with any of our wide range of Flavour & Colour Concentrates; why not try two flavours in a twin-barrel machine?


This product is certified Halal.




  • Pour 3.5 litres of cool, clean drinking water into a food-grade mixing container.

  • Add the 1.5 kg bag of Monalisa Classic Soft Serve Vanilla powder base and mix with a wire whisk for about 60 seconds or until all the sugar has dissolved. Allow to stand for 10 minutes.

  • Just prior to putting into the soft serve machine whisk vigorously again and freeze down.







Inner sachet weight: 1.5kg

Outer carton weight: 12.0kg net (8 x 1.5kg)

Shelf Life: 18 months from date of manufacture.

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