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Monalisa Soft Serve & Frozen Yoghurt Supplier - New Zealand 

We supply soft serve, frozen yoghurt & beverage powders, machines, packaging & accessories

Monalisa offers a unique business opportunity for your store, where you can capitalise on the proven popularity of Monalisa's scrumptious ice cold products. This will be supported by professional service and prompt delivery at competitive prices.  By selling the Monalisa brand, you will enjoy the competitive edge of instant identity, as a new generation of New Zealanders will come to know, love and appreciate for years to come.

Monalisa creates a wide range of delicious frozen yoghurts, desserts and drinks including our award-winning vanilla soft serve, frozen yoghurt, beverage powders, toppings and syrups. From activated charcoal to pink Himalayan salt, or Bubblegum to Tiramisu - we offer exotic dessert options. We also offer a range of equipment, accessories and catering products. We also stock the ever popular popping boba !!

Our Art Of Blend Beverage Powders offer a range of premium options for smoothies, frappes, shakes, chai and white chocolate to create your own gourmet drinks.

Introducing - Vegan Soft Serve & Frappe - we are now offering vegan soft serve powder, plant based frappe powder and also a vegan sorbet powder to cater to the ever growing demand for non-dairy products.

Monalisa provides more than 40 + varieties of flavours

to create a delectable range of frozen yoghurt & soft serve

As a premium soft serve  & frozen yoghurt supplier, we recommend only the best ice-cream machines

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